The Work

Maliotis Cultural Center

May 15 - June 30, 2005
50 Goddard Ave, Brookline, MA
617-522-2800 ---

The exhibition highlights paintings that are associated with John's recent Fulbright to Greece.

John was awarded a Senior Level Fulbright for his proposal to research and observe through painting, the relationship between the landscape and sacred temple sites at various locations in Greece.

During the five months of his Fulbright grant in Greece, John painted on site at places such as Mycenae, Delphi, Olympia and Ancient Messini.

In addition to the landscape, John also painted studies of the wildflowers found in each locale.

John also took hundreds of photographs to document the landscape and the surrounding flora and fauna.

Now back in his studio in upstate New York, John is creating a series of paintings depicting each of the sites he visited.

These paintings are based on the studies that he did in Greece and are a combination of images that include the landscape, wild flowers, and many other images gleaned from museum collections and his own photographs.

Sweep of the Horns, 2005, Oil on Panel, 48" x 48"



Tortoises At Delphi

2004 , Oil on Panel 48" x 48"


Ancient Messini:
View of the Conical Mountain
2005, Oil on Panel, 48 x 48"